CLOPETS (2021)

China / 2021

"CLOPETS" is a news story set in 2070: when the pet population gets out of control, humans will use biotechnology to transform native pets into living garments wearable by humans. This story serves as a thought-provoking vision of the future, exploring the consequences of advancements in biotechnology and the pet industry blurring the boundaries between pets, clothing, and humans. However, have we ever considered what consequences might arise if these behaviors were to spiral out of control?

The idea of genetically modifying pets to serve as living costumes for humans presents certain possibilities. I have embedded these designs into everyday scenarios to stimulate the audience's interest while simultaneously unsettling them. Even though these designs may seem reasonable, they reflect an unalterable fact: we are prioritizing biotechnology and human convenience above other life forms. Is this truly a rational behavior? Ironically, even though pets serve as the most unique emotional link between humans and other species, it cannot be denied that today's pet industry is rife with inhumane commercial practices. Are people sufficiently aware of our exploitation of other life forms?

Is it conceivable that animals exist primarily to meet human desires inherently?